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Specialist Traffic and Transport Solutions

Who we are

We are a group of experienced transport planners and traffic engineers who specialise in identifying and mitigating network issues and system bottlenecks over all travel modes.

Our experienced team would love to have the opportunity to give your project the Transparency and Accountability it needs, whether for a business case, an infrastructure design or a policy intervention. Contact Us

What we do

We work with government and private sector clients to help them manage congested transport networks through:

  • robust planning and optimisation of infrastructure designs
  • support for transport systems integration and ITS applications including detailed signal design
  • identification of effective policy levers to intervene in travel behaviour choices.

Why it matters

More than ever, pressures on our existing transport infrastructure require optimised and robust designs that are safe, sustainable and accessible for all. A diversity of customer needs across transport networks and communities means that the successful implementation of movement and place principles require careful consideration and planning of infrastructure to support liveable and vibrant cities.

Case Study: Canberra Light Rail Stage 1

The Canberra Light Rail network has been developed as part of the ACT Government’s 25-year vision for a modern, world-class light rail system.

We worked collaboratively in our 3 year involvement on the project to deliver a fast, frequent and reliable service using an innovative traffic signalling priority system for a growing city.