WestConnex Projects

Services: Operational Modelling, Traffic Management, Road and Intersection Feasibility Design

Our involvement in Australia’s largest transport infrastructure project

Clients: Rizzani CPB JV, WAJ (Aecom/Arcadis JV), JHCPB (John Holland/ CPB JV), WSP/Arcadis JV)

TMA has worked with various consortia on the successful tendering and delivery of WestConnex Projects. We have managed and delivered traffic engineering and transport modelling expertise for the development of efficient road networks and interchanges that shape Sydney’s transport future.

We use sophisticated modelling software; VISSIM, AIMSUN, SIDRA and LinSig supported with global standards in traffic engineering– to support the development of efficient designs and develop traffic management measures that reduce the impact of construction works.

WestConnex will provide a traffic-light free loop that connects Sydney; linking Western and South Western Sydney with the city, airport and port in a 33-kilometre continuous motorway. The projects will be delivered in three key stages – two of which we have had significant involvement.


WestConnex Stage 1A 2012 M4 Widening, Paramatta to Homebush

Role: Traffic Management Plan support for Rizzani CPB JV

We provided construction works assessment to understand the scope and extent of impacts associated with the delivery of the project. We worked collaboratively with the project team and TMC to develop effective and safe traffic management measures that reduced delays to traffic and construction works alike.

WestConnex 1B 2015 M4 East Homebush to Haberfield

Role: Traffic Lead and VISSIM Modelling support

We assisted the Leighton Samsung John Holland (LSJH) join venture with traffic analysis work for the successful tender for Stage 1B WestConnex.

TMA was appointed as traffic manager for the LSJH Joint Venture to provide traffic modelling and analysis for the M4 East Stage 1B of WestConnex with responsibility for providing the AEH consulting team with leadership and direction on modelling approach and analysis for permanent and temporary works assessments.

WestConnex Stage 3A, M4-M5 Link Tunnels, Haberfield to St Peters (Tender only)

Role: Traffic Lead and VISSIM Modelling support

We provided traffic modelling and traffic engineering services to the John Holland and CPB joint venture tender for Stage 3A.

WestConnex Stage 3B, Rozelle Interchange

Role: Traffic Lead and VISSIM Modelling support

We provided traffic modelling and traffic engineering services for the successful John Holland and CPB (JHCPB) joint venture tender for Stage 3B.

We were recommissioned (from tender stage) for further refinement for delivery of the project, where we provided lead traffic advice and VISSIM modelling services to the JV as part of an integrated project team with quick turnaround modelling support that assisted with the identification of design opportunities and limitations and develop efficient road networks and deliver a three-storey underground interchange – one of the world’s most complex underground road infrastructure.

Our experience of design and delivery of WestConnex projects allows us to provide valuable insights into an optimised design that manages complex weaving and merging behaviour together with, surface street interactions. This is an essential part of the integration of mega-projects with the existing surface transport infrastructure.