Canning City Centre Model Audit

We were commissioned by the City of Canning in suburban Perth to review the general modelling approach – including an audit of the models adopted – of the consultant who produced the Movement Access and Parking Strategy (MAP) as part of the area’s City Centre Structure Plan. As these models provided critical insight into the impacts of future road network scenarios, the WA Department of Transport (DoT) requested a peer review of the work to make sure the consultant had applied a robust modelling methodology. Our review of the models showed that the study area was appropriate and the modelling approach generally sound. However, we did conclude that the modelling consultant should provide some additional information, fine-tune the signal green times and offsets to reflect SCATS operation, and consider the impact of recent train timetable changes in its base models. We concluded that the modelling would be fit for purpose once the consultant addressed these points.

Client: City of Canning