Coffs Harbour Bypass Traffic Model Peer Review

We were commissioned by RMS to review the transport modelling work for the Coffs Harbour Bypass – one of the last sections of the $22 billion 700km Pacific Highway upgrade program.

TMA provided an independent peer review of the suite of traffic modelling tools used to inform planning for the Coffs Harbour Bypass. Models reviewed consisted of an EMME strategic model for demand forecasting, AIMSUN mesoscopic traffic network model to predict route choice and operational modelling and a microscopic simulation for local junction assessments and economic evaluation.

The Coffs Harbour Peer Review project required that we had an experienced EMME modeller working with an Aimsun modeller while also providing insights on data and land use assumptions, this project was successfully delivered by combining the right sets of skills in a 4 person team that included the following key roles:

  • Senior Emme Modeller/reviewer
  • Aimsun modeller/reviewer
  • Data Analyst/Land Use Assessment
  • Project Manager

The work was undertaken over an intensive two month period and called upon a review and filtering of extensive data sets (that resulted in a re-survey being requested) as well as reviews of a 626 zone EMME model and a 551 zone Aimsun microsimulation model.

Some of the key aspects of this job were to ensure that lessons learned during the peer review process were captured in the on-going modelling work without adversely impacting project programme while simultaneously providing the rigour required to satisfy Infrastructure NSW and the gateway review process.

Client: Roads and Maritime Services (RMS)